Our Story

I think what helps us stand out from other clinics is our level of expertise, our commitment to patient care and our deep compassion for everyone.​

I began my journey into Chinese medicine after my wife Pam finished studying Chinese medical massage. She started to transform our family’s lifestyle by implementing the things she learned from school. I was quite intrigued and began to read about Chinese medicine. It didn't take long before I was signed up for acupuncture school.

Acupuncture was a true calling for me, it felt so natural to learn about Chinese medicine. After I completed my Master’s degree here in Minnesota, it was clear that I had to go to China to complete my PhD.  Pam being an adventurist soul agreed and we packed up our belongings, sold our house and cars, and took our two little boys to China.

We lived in Jinan, China for nearly three years. As a family, these were some of the most difficult and most rewarding experiences in our life. I worked in the Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine teaching hospital every day and took classes to learn the Chinese language at night. The hospital was busy like a beehive and I focused my rounds in acupuncture, gynecology, and neurology. Our time in China was magical and our family bonded tightly through our experience.

We studied and worked hard, but also had time to travel and see many historical parts of China.

​ I graduated with my PhD in Acupuncture in 2009. My dissertation was on the effects of acupuncture on treating menopausal symptoms. Upon our return to Minnesota and opening our clinic in 2010, I have worked with many women to relieve menopausal symptoms, especially hot flashes. I have also completed further studies into treating infertility and have helped many couples through their journey to pregnancy.

Today, working as general practitioners, we work to help every person who comes through our door. We utilize every skill and every bit of knowledge we’ve learned over the years to share our gifts with the world. Our clinic now has four more bodywork therapists who are incredibly talented within their individual modalities. 

We pride ourselves on having outstanding character and strong integrity within the medical field. We are here for you.